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An ultimate hand prosthesis for the ultimate you


Introducing Esmee’s myHand 1.0 – the ultimate AI-powered hand prosthesis made for humans

Weight less than 450 gram

Restores sense of touch

3 sizes available to fit everyone's needs

Modular system enables usage of compatible external devices such as Esmee Computer Mouse

User frienly mobile app enbales precise control

Self monitoring & wear prediction system combined with unique robust design decreases service time up to 70%

Intelligent AI

Self monitoring ensures in-time support

Pembayaran & Akses Can be integrated with payment & access controll.

  • No surgery required
  • Esmee Sense gives real-time feeling when interacting with objects
  • Light and easy to use
  • Any skin tone
  • Makes PC usage natural and accessible for single and double handed amputations
  • Splash & dust protection

Trade in:

Bring an old prosthesis and get a discount


I'm interested to learn about ESMEE for myself or a loved one


I'm interested to learn more about offering ESMEE in my practice

our patients


If you want to know more about our prostheses and technologies or become our investor fill out the form bellow


Do I need a surgery to use the myHand 1.0?

No, no surgery or any other invasive manipulation is needed.

How do I get a prosthetic?

You have to book a free consultation session with our specialist so we can asses your case and help you in your bionic journey.

I can't afford Esmee myHand 1.0 now. Can I get a discount?

We can help you with up to 100% sponsorship of your prosthetic in many different ways. Please use contact form to know more.

Does Esmee make leg/feet prosthetics?

Unfortunately right now we are focusing only in hand prosthetics.

Can I have my prosthesis in a different color than black?

Yes, we have many colors available. You can book a free session with our specialist in order to know more.

I have a shoulder amputation, can I still use Esmee myHand 1.0?

Yes. You can use Esmee myHand.